LynxEye Box Armor



Absolute and immediate inhibition of any drone



2km height and range up to 18km



Multiple sensors for greater accuracy

LynxEye is currently the best system of aerial surveillance and the most profitable for the detection of aircraft not manned due to its high quality, low maintenance and warranty.

radar ok

Stationary device 100% autonomous and portable for outdoor use under all weather conditions. I integrating innovative technology has been developed as a high efficiency device for interception and antidrones defense. Easy and quick installation in fixed or mobile bases for proper use any circumstance or necessity. LynxEye Armor Box is an active and effective countermeasure against intrusion defense drone threat in protected areas.


Powered device that allows digital interference interfere the guidance system and radio communication systems drone that are invisible to radar or lacking radiofrequency links. With the system LynxEye Total Box the user can set a protective dome 360, 2 km in height and affordable range of up to 18 Km.


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LynxEye Armor Box