LynxEye GV

battery (1)


100% autonomous and portable



Spoofing GPS and inhibitor



Proprietary and patented

LynxEye is an innovative, technological and versatile system, conceptualized to complement, enhance and help your current security system to defend against new threats generated by the Drones and technology


Totally innovative system development and patented proprietary technology, 100% self - contained and fully portable , immediate action, manageable by a single individual and able to gain full control of unmanned aircraft.

LynxEye GV is an active defense system, range 1.1 km, an effective countermeasure against the widest range of existing models currently drones, whether radio controlled by an operator or by autonomous guided through GPS.

and prevents the intrusion of drones threat in directing protected areas to areas considered safe capture.


The device features a dual advanced functionality that enables:

  1. Repelling the threat immediately acting on the drone expelling the protected area and making return to point of origin.
  2. Repelling the threat immediately acting on the drone lowering it to proceed to his capture.

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LynxEye GV