LynxEye Active Radar



Measuring distance, altitude, direction and speed Dron



Drone detection system more effective



Multiple sensors for greater accuracy

LynxEye is currently the best system of aerial surveillance and more profitable for detecting UAVs because of its high quality, low maintenance and warranty


Advanced System Active Radar for detecting drones compound with a wide range of electro-optical and allowing be mounted on a mast, tripod or similar base station sensors.

light and strong, capable of operating in bad weather, heavy rain, sandstorms, etc ..., with a coverage of 360 ° and configurable to display only the specific sector the user to choose system.

It can be used with complicated geographical and orographic conditions, both day and night ..., endowing therefore of great capacity for surveillance and protection.


Our advanced software integration, system management and visualization, provides the user at all times, a clear picture of the situation with radar targets shown on GIS information with current images provided by the cameras (images of natural light and / or thermal showing simultaneously in a scenario of ghosting) and trackeo the target, thereby permitting an operating simple and executing the necessary actions. Built radar LynxEye DZone guarantee a continuous tracking feature drone, allowing detection automatically control the aircraft considered as a threat.

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